About Me

Catherine Duggan Artist

My oil paintings are inspired by the tranquil, calming powers of the waters and the wild. My paintings are a reflection of my deep love of the sea and the majestic unpretentiousness of trees following a childhood of summers spent by the sea in Ballycotton, County Cork. Inspired by Japanese culture, having lived there for five years, I like to use scatterings of 24 karat gold leaf in some of my paintings. This use of gold in Japanese art represents the light which illuminates our world. My paintings evoke a simplicity and tranquillity which combines these two influences. The 24 karat goldleaf square on the bottom right of some paintings is my signature in the Japanese style ‘Hanko’ which is a stamp or seal used in lieu of a signature.

This Japanese influence can also be seen in my logo which is a brushstroke in gold leaf. This unfinished brushstroke represents the Japanese Enso Zen. The Enso is a circle that is hand-drawn to express that moment when the mind becomes free to let the body Create.

I am so grateful that you have chosen to visit my website. Please do contact me by email or social media if you would like to learn more about my work or have questions concerning anything on my website.

Thank you, Catherine x